What More Could Have Been Done for my Vineyard?

What more could have been done for my vineyard (USA) than I have done for it? When I looked for good grapes, why did it yield only bad? “Now I will tell you what I am going to do to my vineyard: I will take away its hedge.” Isaiah 5:4-5 (NIV)

“Again the anger of the LORD burned against Israel, and He incited David against them, saying, ‘Go and take a census of Israel and Judah.'” 2 Samuel 24:1

“He will be a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment, a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.” Isaiah 28:6 (NIV)

I had a crazed raccoon come on my porch this week. He wasn’t foaming at the mouth but he also was not afraid of me. I tried to scare him away but he wouldn’t budge. I took a walking stick and convinced him he had to leave my porch. All the while I was leery of him charging me and so kept up my guard. Finally he slowly went off into the woods. I grabbed my 22 rifle and put him out of his misery.

What just happened there? Something came to my doorway that at first looked innocent. But the reactions and the choices of that raccoon told me that he had rabies. The alarm bells were going off in my mind, “This animal is dangerous to our outdoor cat and other animals.” Now if I had attempted to get in his space and he had headed off, scared and frightened by my actions like any healthy wild animal, I would have done nothing to him.

Consequently, we are living in a spiritual season where demonic forces are prowling around trying to destroy God’s people and the masses. We need to understand these are dangerous forces and not ignore the alarm bells going off.

When medical and governmental tyrants are forcing vaccinations on people saying that they will be fired while people who are getting the vaccine are dying, there is something demonic going on. When an election is stolen and everyone says let’s move on to 2022 and we’ll fix it then, but they ignore that the sitting pseudo President is not legitimate, there is something demonic going on. The rabid demons of tyranny are at the doors of our homes, churches, schools and nation, and we need to be alarmed.

The challenging part of this equation is when people see these symptoms but think everything is normal.

“You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing.” Isaiah 42:20

Even in the Church, various leaders disagree with whether or not these are the symptoms of rabid tyrannical overreach or just normal government. Some simply quote Romans thirteen as our proper response. To solve this problem, we have to move beyond the surface and get to the root of what is going on.

When we realize God has allowed these rabid forces to usurp and threaten us, we can begin to respond in Spirit-directed warfare and seek His intervening mercy. We can’t just let rabid demonic forces go off into the forest of the world to deal with them later. They are infecting the whole world and we cannot ignore this. Proverbs chapter twenty-four makes this abundantly clear. “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?” Proverbs 24:11-12 (NIV)

To the point, here is a thought I had recently that will make many pastors’ head spin. The majority of Christian leaders do not realize that the zero-probability event of the election of Donald Trump came at the last possible moment of mercy for our wicked nation and world. We had been accelerating toward an anti-Christ system for a while and didn’t know how close we were to the point of no return. Without Donald Trump being elected in 2016, we would have never known how the whole entire elite structure of America has been eaten out with the canker worms and the termites of blind allegiance, globalism, and outright pagan lawlessness. We would have never known that there is a uniparty of democrats and RHINOS that will not abide by the votes cast of its citizens but who will enforce their socialism and globalism on the people whether they want it or not.

This was portrayed before our very eyes in the election of 2020, and people say, “Get over it.” No, we will not get over it. That is like sending a rabid animal back into the forest and hoping it will not infect any others. This attack against our nation is a spiritual revelation that needs to permeate all of our life. We need to pause and realize that the majority of Americans did not choose more abortion; they did not want to abandon Israel; they did not want open borders; and they did not want communism, Marxism, or socialism. And they did not want “wokeism.”

Unfortunately, this has been forced down our throat by an elite rabid cabal that decided to hijack the election and invite the mainstream media and BIG TECH to cue up their delicacies of lies to convince the uniformed American public that Donald Trump lost the election of 2020.

Eric Metaxas has an awesome quote. “People are so hide-bound by what they want to believe that they don’t want to look at the evidence.” The problem with most pastors in America is they don’t even want to pay attention to the evidence that our nation is under the control of Jezebel by a cabal. They just want to preach neutral sermons about love and forgiveness and unity. But they don’t understand that God sovereignly allowed evil to be portrayed before our very eyes to humble us in the dust. God allowed the rabid demons to attack our nation to see what we would do. Would we recognize this visitation of evil and make a stand at the gates of influence or would we passively allow them to roam our communities and hope they would not do more harm?

Regrettably, one of the reasons we got here was because of our weak Christianity that was being boiled along with our nation in the same cauldron of compromise and apathy. We also got here because we played games with Jezebel as believers and then repented on the weekends and hoped that we would be okay to do worship on Sunday morning.

Just as in David’s day, the compromise in God’s people has allowed this judgment to befall us. But yet in judgment there is revelation of truth and that truth is what makes us fight for our nation; fight for our city; and fight for our families.

The pastor that says, “no we’re not in a war as critical as Don Lamb is suggesting. This is just what happens. Kingdom’s come and kingdoms go and it’s time for America to go.” Is sadly blinded to the reality of what is going on. Their spiritual compass has a large iron ore object bending the needle toward “ease in Zion” and it is making their ministry ineffective in this critical hour.

God has allowed things to be portrayed in a dramatic way to illustrate the spiritual reality of what is going on for the souls of men. Satan comes along and he foists himself upon people. He is a tyrant. He demands blind allegiance. He deceives people into thinking that they can eat up the delicacies of fun and games and lies forever if they serve him. But he actually takes their soul and torments it and takes them to an everlasting ruin away from the Creator Redeemer.

So the battle that is portrayed before our very eyes for the soul of this nation is the battle that is for every soul. The anti-Christ spirit over America is tyrannical; it is lawless and it lies and deceives to enslave the masses. God on the other hand is righteous and holy abides by His own law of love and truth and has great mercy on us to deliver us from bondage.

I believe this is why God allowed great duress and everything to go sideways in America over the last twelve months to make us repent of our easy Christianity. He is calling us to take seriously the call that we have to go forward; to live in victory and to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.

An Open Letter To A Progressive Pastor



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Dear Pastor:

Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you as an evangelical pastor who is a “Biblicist” that believes an honest interpretation of the Bible is the only foundation for truth. Many would tell you not to waste any of your time and energy listening to me because I don’t embrace any new ideas and I simply push my untenable arguments. Most likely, you have heard all that I will share below, but I felt I had to respond to your movement’s assertions.

As the progressive Doctor Daniel A. Helminiak said, “Conservatives are only a shrinking and marginalized group of spiritually enslaved Bible believers.” This may be true, but I humbly submit that in reading the progressive Church’s doctrinal trajectories I see that they push their arguments just as stubbornly as we do.  Consequently, I realize that our disagreements are somewhat permanent. That is, we conservatives believe in unchanging “outdated doctrines” and progressives “believe that Biblical texts have no inherent meaning but acquire changing meanings from shifting cultural interpretations.” At best, we are stubborn “enslaved Bible believers,” at worst; we are bigoted, anti-gay, judgmental Neanderthals who do not understand the newest techniques of postmodern criticism.

So I will simply highlight the inconsistencies in both of our movements. Oh, yes, conservatives who believe the whole Bible and its historical doctrines are inconsistent. We have a text that teaches us to love and forgive and accept people as Christ would, but many times we judge and push them further from the Gospel. Again, conservatives claim the high-ground that the Word of God is the final authority for doctrine and practice, but many times their lack of Christ-like compassion and character belie this assertion. Hypocrisy comes from within the Evangelical movement as it does from any movement. But we must be honest and repent of these inconsistencies. The end result is that many times progressives are far ahead of conservatives when it comes to “people skills.” Conservatives are too combative about the truth instead of being gentle and winning in their approach.

That being said, I simply want to point out a few inconsistencies in the progressive movement that are never addressed. Before I do, I’m not saying that every progressive pastor emulates these inconsistencies. Some progressive pastors still believe in the unchanging Word of God and many of them have a genuine love for people that outshines most Evangelicals. But, it seems that this movement, being very sure of its “high ground” of inclusiveness, overlooks its own false dichotomies.

The first inconsistency of progressives is that they unconsciously imply that they are one of the primary spiritual movements in the earth “that really cares.” By doing this they imply that the rest of us don’t care. That is really how it comes across. This smacks of a superiority that lives off of stereotypes. For example, even if people experience a conservative church in a negative way and leave feeling “judged” or “rejected” there are a multitude of possibilities of why this happened. Of course, one of the main reasons could be that this church needs a fresh baptism of God’s love. But it doesn’t always mean conservative churches don’t care about people. We shouldn’t build our entire ministry philosophy by branding ourselves as “the people who care more than others.”

To be fair, neither side can say, “You don’t care.” Progressives do care about the marginalized, whether they are homosexual, straight, white, black, poor or rich. Conservatives also care about the marginalized whether they are homosexual, straight, white, black, poor or rich. To say the other side doesn’t care is inconsistent and truly a false narrative. What we can say is that each side differs greatly on how to reach the people they care about. Progressives define care through inclusiveness, conservatives through offering a Gospel of repentance, redemption, and restoration through Biblical love. But to say only one side cares is unfair and emotional self-righteousness.

The second inconsistency is that progressives label conservatives judgmental for challenging people to forsake their sins and follow Christ. This is a “spiritual straw man” which is put in place to make conservatives feel guilty for being true to their conscience. The trigger words “judgmental” and “intolerant” have been weaponized against conservatives since the 1920’s. These words are used to pronounce anathemas against us and give those who don’t want to follow the historical doctrines of the Church a way out of Biblical repentance. As someone said recently, “Progressives come across with an attitude that says. “Why aren’t you for everything we believe in, isn’t it obvious that we are right.”

But really, who are progressives asking people to follow? They are not calling them to follow a Biblical Jesus who preached repentance. They are not calling them to turn away from selfishness and sin (since “a good God” isn’t going to judge based on sin). They are not telling them to turn to Jesus and seek His forgiveness through the cross (since no atonement was effected by Jesus and He didn’t rise from the dead). People are simply affirmed no matter what spiritual condition they are in without ever calling them to follow a Jesus who desires to save and transform.

In this theological stalemate, progressives claim that conservatives are anti-gay, Biblicists. We are not anti-gay. We are for Biblical sexuality which takes place within a covenantal marriage between a man and woman. We love people just as deeply as progressives do but we also call everyone to follow Christ and turn from their sins, (even the judgmental Bible-believing Evangelicals who are cold and nasty) and receive His forgiveness and life-changing grace.

Actually, conservatives receive everyone as they come, and we love them whatever condition they come in, but we also give them the truth from Scripture that renews and changes the heart. This is something that is hopeful, measurable, and attainable. However, to be on a journey where you can do whatever you want, live as you want, and be “affirmed” in whatever lifestyle you choose, so long as it is consenting adults, seems to be a boundary-less pursuit of selfishness without accountability.

One more thought about spiritual accountability. Do progressives realize that through this hyper-focus on inclusiveness they have given away all their authority to bring about any future moral restraint? Inclusiveness, by nature must change with the culture. Every time the culture changes your movement adapts to the moral degeneracy of the culture. Don’t you think this is very scary: When the culture moves the goal posts, your movement moves with them? Instead of being a constant you are only a reflection of the culture. Abortion came along, you went with it. Same-sex unions come along, you went with it. This is doctrinal appeasement not inclusiveness.

Why wasn’t there a doctrine of same-sex unions in the progressive churches in the 1950’s? Why weren’t theologians in the 1950’s finding Scriptural precedent for homosexuality? The progressives did not affirm homosexuality until 1991. Why, because the culture was not pushing for it until then? The progressives are not ahead of the culture, they only follow the culture. In fact, progressive theology is unoriginal; it simply mirrors the trajectory of the culture around it. On the other hand, Biblical theology is original. It remains an unchanging mirror of God’s holiness for mankind to reflect upon and follow. What if our culture suddenly decided homosexuality is wrong again; would the progressives change their position? Furthermore, when polygamy and threesomes become acceptable in the future, it is inevitable that your movement will find a doctrinal basis for these sins.

The third inconsistency is that the progressive movement can’t admit that unconditional inclusiveness is actually unattainable. The progressives are trying to create an “inclusive utopia” that is un-achievable. Furthermore, they cannot grasp that reconciling spiritual opposites is impossible and has never worked. Why is it that those in the inclusive movement speak derisively of conservatives as “judgmental?” That doesn’t sound like an expression of inclusivity.

We are not offended; by the way, as conservatives, when people tell us the truth. We understand there are times when the truth hurts and people can give us constructive criticism. We understand that this is very difficult to achieve in a loving way. Sharing opposing worldviews is extremely problematic and sometimes we all do it wrong.

But when there is a real difference between our worldviews, it must be admitted and stated. This only makes logical sense. You can’t have a church where people believe the Bible is the sole authority and defines same-sex unions as sin, and people who also believe in an evolving cultural interpretation of Scripture that affirms homosexual lifestyles attending together in peaceful bliss. That would be like having a church where you declare that both the “White Supremacists” and the “NAACP” members both have mutually acceptable worldviews and we are going to be an inclusive church that worships peacefully together at “the same table, and drink at the same watering hole, and celebrate God’s wonderful grace at the same wedding banquet.”

At some point you will have to confront which worldview is the true and which is a lie. To prove my point concerning this confusion, a progressive leader recently said, “We don’t really know what to teach our children about sin because we don’t want them bogged down in shame and guilt—yet we also want them to grow up into adults who are moral, ethical and compassionate.” You can’t have it both ways. If a child doesn’t have a clear definition of righteousness and sin they will be confused. Inclusiveness feels like a spiritual mirage painted over a very well-meaning but confused people.

Christian progressives unwittingly become unto themselves a secular governmental entity in their quest to be inclusive. Our constitution in America requires the government to be inclusive; to create space for the “white supremacists” and the “Antifa” groups through the first amendment. Our government leaders may personally dislike both groups but they have to make space and protect their rights. The progressives adopt this same governmental approach when in fact, Jesus told us to be salt and light not the government of nations. Christians are called to influence and engage in government and culture through the light of the Gospel but not make room for and accommodate every worldview as a government has to. Christianity in its original form called all other worldviews to come to its “Light” (Christ) and accept Him as the only way.

As alluded to above, the fourth inconsistency with progressives is that if there is no such thing as a stable definition of “sin.” It is an ever evolving moral target. One progressive leader said, “Sin is not as narrow as sexual behavior; and we know it is not as simple as breaking any of the Ten Commandments.” OK, then what is it? If there’s no such thing as “deviancy” then there is no such thing as hypocrisy. Consequently, your movement can’t legitimately tell anyone they are hypocritical, or judgmental.

If everything is “inclusive” then “conservative judgmental behavior” is simply acceptable to an inclusive people and no one can say otherwise.  Furthermore, conservatives don’t randomly change the definition of the word “sin” so as not to offend a segment of modern culture that has thrust the Word of God behind its back in arrogance and said, “That doesn’t mean that anymore, we were born this way.”

Finally, if conservatives have interpreted Scripture correctly, the progressives will be judged for distorting the Word of God and leading countless millions astray, pouring on their souls the danger of eternal judgment (2 Peter 2:1). But if progressives are right then conservatives lose nothing. They are simply despised as ignorant Pharisees in this life, but the God of the progressives as a “good God who does not see sin, and does not condemn anyone, despite the real wrong they have done,” will allow them into heaven in spite of their intolerance.

Therefore, as conservatives, we have to conclude that to be intolerant, then, is to be true to our conscience according to historical Biblical truth. To be judgmental, then, is to believe in righteousness and sin – to be unwelcoming, then, is to accept as true that people are either saved or unsaved.

Therefore, as progressives, to be loving is to be tolerant of every one’s moral agenda even if you never tell them the truth. To be non-judgmental is to have a theological relativism that is really convinced there is no eternal judgment awaiting anyone. And to be welcoming is to believe that moral appeasement is the highest form of love.

Salvation and Theology

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Is it possible that our theology is so fixed in how it describes our relation to God that we are more enamored with our brand of theology than with God Himself?

Within us exists a subtle temptation to convey that our interpretation of Scripture (our theology) is far more advanced and more excellent than the next brother or sister. But, perhaps more serious than that, is the fact that we can be more zealous to bring people into relationship with our brand of theology than with God Himself. Oftentimes we are convinced that there is a special “freedom” or “anointing” to our theology that no one else can offer.

Now I’m admitting that each of us wrestles with many nuances as we engage the Word of God. We are imperfect when it comes to expressing ourselves Biblically and relevantly, and also in agreement with the truth that transformed us on our personal journey. Furthermore, that each one of us is convinced we are right is not prideful or surprising. No one goes around saying, “I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I know I’m wrong.” We have grappled with the various interpretations of theology expressing salvation and, more importantly, exemplify the living-proof that God used certain compelling truths to capture us, change us and motivate us to live for Him.

But after that work is accomplished in us, we can easily convey the truth in such a way that. if only people believed the way we do, they would find a greater fellowship, freedom, or breakthrough: If they would apply our version of the Gospel they would not fall into the error of so many others. (And I’m talking about those who preach a pure Gospel – Jesus is Lord and you need to turn from yourself and accept His free gift of redemption through faith.) Again, it can be more about our methods and our special teachings and how the others are “off” in some error instead of simply calling people into REAL SIMPLE PASSIONATE FAITH RELATIONSHIP with God.

It is not theology that saves us. Theology expresses the deeper realities that are going on in our journey of salvation. But salvation is much deeper than a teaching or a method or a mindset. God uses each of these tools. But if our emphasis stops short with people celebrating the greatness of our teaching or method or mindset, then they missed the whole point.

The challenge is getting people to respond to spiritual realities. Many live in a perpetual spiritual fog. They cannot see the forest for the trees. It is my belief that opening them up to spiritual reality is only able to be accomplished through the help of the Holy Spirit Himself. Our whole passion, as believers, should be to partner with God to see this work take place; to see people respond through a living faith. We should be excited whether God uses our particular brand of theology or whether He uses someone else’s. “Glory be to God. He captured another selfish heart and won their surrender and allegiance.” That should be our thinking. It doesn’t matter if it was Calvinism or Arminianism,or Wesleyism…or anything else.

When will we be humble enough to admit that God has used very different theologies at various points in history to awaken hearts? Interesting enough, in our day, it seems the pendulum has swung very far to the grace-only side. It’s like we have a “paranoia” about guiding people on how to engage God. “Now be careful, don’t engage God too intentionally now. He did it all for you. You are very near the cliff of self-effort and works, be careful!”

Don’t we think God can handle our passion, excesses and errors? If we engage Him and become obsessed with “doing,” instead of “being,” won’t He guide us and change our perspective? Many movements seem to project a message that they don’t think God can handle the different approaches of theology that are brought to the table. Once again, in such a subtle way, so much theology throughout the Church-age is reactionary theology. Leaders who have been in a dead religiosity and have lived an experience that was fake come across like they have a corner on the market of real freedom and anyone who is motivated and deeply engaged and wants to draw near to God in earnest seeking is somehow operating in self- effort. We need to make room for various emphases without projecting on others that they are in error and putting unnecessary labels on each other.

Moral Revolution

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The Conditions of Our World:

We live in a fallen world where the power of the internet and social media has more influence than a parent, pastor and president put together.

We live in a fallen world where God allows Himself to be obscured by secular reasoning and permits false religions to lure hearts into counterfeit worship and to deceive the nations.

We live in a fallen world where presidents lie, pastors cheat, theologians compromise and the general population lives in varying stages of brain-washing.

We live in a fallen world where kids grow up on Adrenalin first-shooter games that desensitize them to the real dangers of hate and violence and then, through laziness and inactivity, they get bored and join a gang to feel accepted.

We live in a fallen world where governments serve their own interests and cause huge burdens to fall on the hard-working families that are the financial pillars of society.

We live in a fallen world where colleges and universities care more about political correctness and not offending focus groups than about giving a straightforward, practical education that will benefit their students.

We live in a fallen world where men are chained to the spirit of lust through pornography and the seduction of Hollywood, and cannot appreciate genuine beauty without their minds entertaining perverted thoughts.

We live in a fallen world where women don’t care what they wear and how their immodesty invites lustful stares.

We live in a fallen world where debt is a natural part of life and also where uncontrolled spending is modeled at every level. The rich are villainized and the poor are made heroes.

We live in a fallen world where the power of money continues to corrupt all who worship its influence and who ignore the needy.

We live in a fallen world where our sensual culture makes it acceptable for couples to populate without being married and then single mothers get all the help they need to raise the child that the single man abandons—and, unconsciously, we are encouraging out-of-wedlock pregnancies.

We live in a fallen world where mental health is rarely diagnosed with its direct connection to sin, Satan and selfishness, and its primary cure comes from prescription drugs.

We live in a fallen world where time is wasted on the unimportant and the valuable things of life are squandered away as disposable.

Chosen to Be God's People Worship Background

I Dream of a World Jesus Died to Make…

I dream of a world where Christians are humble, bold and live in continuous waves of Spirit-birthed breakthroughs serving the lost and loving each other.

I dream of a world where women only wear yoga pants in private or in gyms.

I dream of a world where drugs are not only illegal but unwanted and unused.

I dream of a world where men have eyes to bless instead of lust.

I dream of a world that protects babies from conception to adolescence.

I dream of a world where covenant marriage between and man and woman is the highest protected relationship in a community and children are born into this safe environment.

I dream of a world that honors each person as being made in the image of God and seeks the best interest of God and mankind.

I dream of a world where the spiritual veil of false religion and atheism is pulled from the eyes of everyone and God is at least feared, if not worshiped.

I dream of a world where every thought is taken captive to the obedience of Christ and time is redeemed through serving the purposes of the Lord.

I dream of a world where money is a tool and people are loved–not where people are tools and money is loved.

I dream of a world where lies are exposed and the truth is honored.

I dream of a world where peace comes from overcoming evil not accommodating it.

The True Believer and Ultimate Fulfillment

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“Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.”
– Psalm 63:3, NIV

“You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet.”
– 1 Thessalonians 5:5-8, NIV

Our world is constantly looking for the next big thing; the next big trend, the next big product, the next big movie, the next big food sensation, the next big hero or rock star. In its quest for excitement and pleasure, the world raises its level for fulfillment to an unsustainable level. To add insult to injury, when the world is at its highest highs or greatest delights, these moments are not born out of God-honoring decisions—where the will of God is followed or where He is thanked as Creator and Provider. This leaves the pleasure-seeking masses feeling deeply hollow, deprived of lasting satisfaction and under the conviction of the Holy Spirit for their idolatry. For most of these pleasure-seekers, their only response is to immediately begin plotting a course for their next pleasure acquisition.

The believer, however, lives under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit and experiences something totally different. When a true Christian (not one in name only) surrenders their appetites and pleasures to the Lord, God becomes their highest love, pursuit and pleasure. Clearly this is the drive of Psalm 63:3, “His loving kindness is better than life.” This shift to worship instead of idolatry releases the Lord’s pleasure over our lives and brings freedom from the guilt-ridden cycles of chasing endless self-gratification. Consequently, where the world pursues satisfaction and falls way short, the true Believer finds incredible satisfaction without the bondage of addiction or the voice of a guilty conscience.

Therefore, a Christian who is walking in obedience should be the most content, satisfied and thankful person in the world. They have the goodness of the Lord, a saving intimacy with the Father, and—when they do enjoy the pleasures that the Lord has created—they don’t elevate the creation above God and can righteously partake of these pleasures without guilt.

Charles Finney (who was an effective, yet controversial, evangelist in the mid 1800s) always said, in effect: “Mankind doesn’t necessarily receive a change in his constitution as much as he receives a radical change in his heart. Any new power he receives is the power of the Holy Spirit to motivate and properly order his life according to the will of God. However the Christian’s constitution is the same as when he was unconverted; he simply surrenders those powers and actions that were previously used for selfish ends to the Lord for His will and purposes.”

Consequently, if a man was an alcoholic before he became a follower of Christ, then afterwards he would consecrate that power of his old appetite under the control of the Holy Spirit and drink only in a way that is pleasing to God (or not at all). Again, a person who was a womanizer and who lived a sexually loose life would now consecrate his sexuality to God and become celibate or married and covenanted to his wife. Furthermore, a millionaire who lived only for his money and portfolio would repent of his idolatry and use his resources for the glory of God instead of his selfish pre-conversion materialistic obsession. Therefore, a Christian does not receive a new constitution that automatically sets him free from carnal desires but he simply receives a new heart that changes him into a pleaser of God.

Once more, the world’s pleasures—outside of Christ’s plan—always come with collateral damage and consequences because they are not consecrated to the Lord. Outside of obedience to Christ, sexual sins may be extremely pleasurable. However, they are guilt-tainted and the true satisfaction that comes from pleasing the Lord is missing. For example, many live-in couples may have awesome sexual lives but, behind the façade of pleasure, they are unsure that their partner will remain committed to them. This leads to a lot of mutual mistrust and manipulation in these relationships.

True, many Christian marriages suffer the same fate. But they do have the potential to be satisfying and healthy because they are founded on pure relational foundations in Christ and have the blessing of the Lord. “The blessing of the LORD, it makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it” (Proverbs 10:22, NKJV). A Christian couple has the potential to enjoy their sexuality without guilt, without condemnation and with the full confidence that God is working in both of them to be a couple who loves according to 1st Corinthians 13. Let me repeat it again: a true believer should be the most fulfilled and happy person on earth. Their life is founded on the eternal purposes of God and they have more lasting rewards than the best pleasure the world has to offer.

The Psalmist says: “Let not my heart be drawn to what is evil, to take part in wicked deeds with men who are evildoers; let me not eat of their delicacies” (Psalm 141:4, NIV). This sums up the passion of a Spirit-filled believer. The world sets its sights on the “secret delicacies” of hidden pleasure; better sex, better highs and more extreme pleasure. But the Christian allows the power of the Gospel to cut off ungodly lusts as they humbly acknowledge that, without the Holy Spirit to motivate and govern their appetites, they would undoubtedly fall into this alluring black hole.

The primary excuse—for those in the world who laugh at a surrendered relationship with the Lord—is “they don’t want to be a Christian because they will have to give up all their fun.” They love to party. They love to sleep around. They love to get high. They love cool cars and lots of money. Following Jesus would be boring to them. They would have to give all these things up…and they don’t want to.

Now there is an element of this statement that is definitely true. Jesus will require a full surrender of our sins at the Cross. Jesus does call us into holiness and obedience. But there is a part of this statement that is completely wrong. Following Jesus doesn’t mean that we live without any pleasure. It simply means we consecrate, or surrender, our pleasure to the will of God.

What the world doesn’t understand, since it is without a life-giving relationship with God through Jesus, is that a follower of Christ ends up experiencing as much pleasure as those making ungodly pursuits, except a follower’s pleasures are more satisfying. The life of a follower of Christ may be full of pain, testing and persecution, but it is also full of God-pleasing pleasure, richness and contentment.


The Improvisation of Our Sexuality is Idolatry

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“For they mouth empty, boastful words and, by appealing to the lustful desires of sinful human nature, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error. They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.” – 2 Peter 2:18-19 (NIV)

“Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your forefathers.” – Proverbs 22:28

When Christian leaders redefine a clear scriptural commandment which prohibits sinful behavior into something that is no longer sin—a darkness that is greater than before the compromise took place begins to pervade that community. To not love our neighbor—no matter what his or her sexual orientation—is truly a great darkness. But, to remove the ancient boundary stones and legitimize that which God declares as idolatry, is an even greater darkness.

In an effort to build bridges into the lives of the hurting, many Christian leaders are removing the ancient boundary stones of truth and are redefining Scripture. They like to tell us that most Christians are Pharisees and don’t love the lost the way they should. This may be a true statement. But, when God clearly says something is an offence against His righteous standard for godly living and that He will judge the wicked who persist in sin, it does not give us permission us to remove these truths from Scripture because our culture is offended.

In Colossians 3 Paul says: “So kill (deaden, deprive of power) the evil desire lurking in your members [those animal impulses and all that is earthly in you that is employed in sin]: sexual vice, impurity, sensual appetites, unholy desires, and all greed and covetousness, for that is idolatry (the deifying of self and other created things instead of God)” (Colossians 3:5, AMP).

Although, this verse is not an all-inclusive list of actions and sins which describe idolatry, the Amplified version gives powerful insight into human manipulation and selfishness. We see how easy it is to elevate our sensual passions and greed above God’s standard of holiness—to stake out a place of self-imposed morality where we worship our money, sexuality and pleasures above God. This is what God calls “idolatry.” Sometimes it is difficult to take a spiritual term like idolatry and find a clear, practical definition that helps us understand the full implications of its meaning. But let us try to dig a little deeper.

We know that the Bible declares God as the Originator and Owner of all creation. Therefore, He has the right to be honored and worshipped as such. Some argue that God is egotistical in that He demands our worship. However, the Scripture is clear that God is loving, and His requiring our devotion and worship above anything else is actually what is best for us. Yes, it comes to us as a command; but it also comes to us as loving guidance as well. This love is like a father commanding his son or daughter to listen closely to him when they cross a street. He is not demanding something from his children in an egotistical restrictive way; he is requiring their obedience to protect and bless them. God requires our worship because He knows our weakness is to forget about His reality and replace Him by elevating things on this earth over Him.

As we look deeper into this word idolatry, first Samuel is very helpful. “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry” (1 Samuel 15:23, KJV). Samuel—Israel’s High Priest—is rebuking King Saul for his selfish actions (he made up his own agenda and offered unholy sacrifices to keep his men from deserting him on the battlefield). This passage offers a powerful insight into the definition of idolatry. Here we see that rebellion and stubbornness are directly linked to it.

Idolatry is not just worshipping an ancestral god at a God-despising altar. It is cobbling together a personally improvised standard of rebellious living that ignores God’s clear will. King Saul cobbled together the Holy covenant sacrifice of animals on a spiritual altar with his governmental kingship to get the voice of God to speak. He did all this so that he would have the confidence to go into battle with his demoralized and diminishing army. He was not a priest and was not authorized by God to sacrifice. His role was to lead; the priest’s role was to hear. He was mixing and matching God’s will for his selfish agenda. He was improvising the perfect will of God into something unholy because of his impatience with God’s servant, the High Priest.

This account reflects our current Christian generation. We improvise the Word of God to fit our generation because we are impatient with God to truly convert the sinner. We make the standard something the sinner is comfortable with hoping he or she will accept the Gospel. But we forget that the Gospel is an “equal opportunity offender.” The Gospel offends everyone—including the Christian Pharisees, the social standard manipulators and the improvising theologians.

It is the last of these that grieves the heart of God the most. There are those who “stake out” an unbiblical position concerning sexuality and look for Scriptural nuances to support their position. These most dangerous improvisers lead many astray while promising freedom.

Therefore, anyone who chooses to improvise sexuality by changing the will of God from covenant marriage between a man and a woman is manipulating God’s will and is committing idolatry. This includes heterosexuals who live together, those who have multiple partners, those who are bisexual, those who are homosexual and those who are transsexual. Every sexual expression that is lived outside of covenant marriage between a man and woman is an improvised lifestyle and falls into the category of idolatry.

Here is an even scarier truth. Just because you are married in a Biblical, covenant marriage doesn’t mean you won’t still manipulate your partner and turn your sexual relationship into idolatry. Paul says that we are not to treat our Christian partners the way the unsaved do their partners. “That each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God; and that in this matter no one should wrong his brother or take advantage of him. The Lord will punish men for all such sins, as we have already told you and warned you” (1 Thessalonians 4:3-6, NIV).

Finally, when we look at Romans 1, it is easy to forget that Paul is linking the issue of idolatry with the improvisation of sexuality. Those improvising theologians who are defending homosexuality forget that Paul is talking about worshipping the “created” over God (he is not just singling out homosexuals). Sexuality is merely where the greatest battle has always existed in regards to false worship. Man wants to improvise regarding his sexuality on all kinds of levels—and God is clearly saying this is idolatry.

Paul says: “Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised.” (Romans 1:24-25, NIV). We don’t have to go any further. There is a dangerous game afoot; it is improvising the holy standard of God’s Word to fit our generation’s selfish agenda. Don’t let anyone fool you. Guard your hearts against this idolatry.

Passing On What We Really Believe


We have a generation so tunneled into their own myopic view of a pleasurable life that they can’t make heads or tails of what they believe in. Many can’t see if there are any benefits of the character traits of their own worldview for others. I’m thankful that in the Western world we allow different beliefs to exist and mix, and sharpen and challenge each other. But I don’t think we do honest critical analysis to see which ones work and which ones are inferior—simply producing self-centered fatalistic people who don’t care about anyone else.

Recently I heard a call-in show where the caller hinted that Christians who encourage their children to follow God at a young age are close to being “child abusers” for not giving their child his or her own freedom to make a choice about faith.

This whole notion of it being “abuse” to push your beliefs on or influence your child about what you, as a parent, believe is total hog wash. An atheist ought to raise his kids as the best atheist he can if this is what he is convinced is the right way. If this is what, through all of his life experience, he finds to be the most meaningful and strategically “healthy worldview,” he should pass it along to his children.

Instead, it should go more along the lines of: parents or guardians are “abusers” if they are not convinced of life values and have nothing important to pass on to their children. Amoralists may say it is a form of elitism and pride to influence the faith of our children—that we should all walk in a wishy-washy moral equivalence to really have a healthy culture. However, having children undirected and void of values by well-meaning, open-minded parents who give them no backbone or foundational values is more abusive than parents who are convinced there are certain values that are better than others.

Honestly, who walks through everyday life purposefully and deliberately having no values, beliefs and convictions of what is right and wrong? Who are those who go around seeking to follow a worldview that “doesn’t work”? Or, people who could say: “I want to follow something that hurts others, and opens up gateways of bondage and injustice to my friends. This is the worldview that I see as healthy.” Or, “I have lived thirty five years and there is nothing I value, I haven’t learned anything about life, nothing works, everyone is selfish and it doesn’t matter how we live our lives.” If this is the worldview that some parents have in raising their children, I would call that child abuse.

So, if the atheist is truly convinced that he is right, let him push his convictions on his children. In fact, if he is convinced that he is right, he is irresponsible to not push his convictions on his children. If he is not training them, through the lessons he learned as an atheist as to why being an atheist is far better than being a Christian, then he is neglecting his role as a leader and parent. Also, if a neo-Nazi is convinced that his worldview is the best out of all those out there and he doesn’t try to influence his children to become neo-Nazis, then he really doesn’t believe in being a Nazi.

That is why Christians should live with conviction and certainty in their faith. If they are convinced that this is truly the way of life—handed down to them by God—then they are not abusing their children, but performing their parental duty to those who live under their care and are loved by them. They should raise their children to think on their own, but to also be influenced by the experience gained from others. Critical analysis should be part of everyone’s life. But it is a responsible parent who takes the convictions of their own life and passes them on to their children for them to also live them out.

What Is My Vision?



  • To see the Lord glorified in these trying times because the Lord is still using His people in
    these last days – we cry out jealously for His Kingdom to break into our world – that in the midst of sobering times of judgment and awakening God will shine His light into the
    darkness through us and beyond us.
  • To see Jesus lovers living out of the continuous flow of Christ’s Divine Life
  • To be a vessel of the Holy Spirit that prevails through humble fervent prayer for intervention
  • To be Champions of true community who love one another beyond issues but for the true uplifting of Jesus Christ the “Prince of Peace.”
  • To be Lovers of the Word who are constantly growing in Grace and Truth
  • To be Lovers of the harvest who have compassion on all the Fatherless
  • To be Presence carriers who depend completely on the fear of God to effect awakening and transformation through a change of spiritual atmosphere even in the most defiant situations.
  • To be epectation infectors walking in supernatural certainty even in the face of hopelessness, impossibility, and generational unbelief.
  • To be chasm crossers who can’t live a contented life without possessing the inheritance of the Saints that is far more than religious routine.
  • To be world changers who are desperate for an observable breakthrough and distinction between God’s people and those who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the Glory of God.


My vision is to cross over myself from weakness into God’s strength by touching His unlimitedness through Divine friendship; being transformed from a spiritually “poverty-stricken” believer who is groping in darkness through “knowledge alone” into living in the dynamic release of the Holy Spirit as a possessor of His “enduement of power from on high.” And then to help my generation cross the chasm of ineffectual and convoluted Christianity into the “promised land” of selfless power that oozes the Divine Life and Truth of Christ. This releases the invading power of the Holy Spirit and an untainted Gospel that grabs the attention of a pleasure-addicted world.


My vision is to see the raising up of a united company of believers who don’t use God as a means to an end or a “technique” but who make Him their ultimate love and joy; a people who love one another deeply, who are liberated from constant distractions, paralyzing addictions, and who “hunger after God” more than anything else on earth.